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We offer a premier and private real estate service to high-net-worth individuals, footballers, sports
personalities etc.


Sales – We offer a premier sales service for exclusive an extra ordinary properties.

Buying agents– We can act as buying agent to find a suitable property.

Asset and portfolio management – We offer a premier asset management service for clients with a dedicated relationship manager.


Property Lettings – Our dedicated lettings colleagues can find a suitable property for clients on a short or long term tenancies.

Discreet Listings – If you are looking to sell your property without being on the public eye, we have a unique discreet listing system We specialise in providing exclusive real estate services to a diverse clientele, including high net worth individuals, celebrities, and sports personalities.

Our private office collaborates with buying agents, high net worth clients, and their managers across various facets of the real estate market.
If you have a property you’d like to sell discreetly, away from public attention, or if you are a high-net- worth individual seeking a confidential property purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your privacy and unique real estate needs are our top priority