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Get your financials sorted

Before looking for a property, the first thing to do is sort out your finances and plan a budget. You will need to take into consideration the property price, maintenance, stamp duty, taxes, conveyancing fees and all other related expenses Before beginning your property search, it’s crucial to consult a qualified mortgage advisor to assess your financial situation and obtain a mortgage approval in principle. There’s no point in going through the process if you won’t be able to secure a mortgage for the in

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Choose the right location

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Location is the most important factor when buying a property. You can change the internals of the property from time to time but being stuck in the wrong location will cost you a fortune. Choose a safe location that suits your needs. It is advisable to visit the neighbourhood you are thinking of buying regularly at late nights, weekends, and evenings before deciding

CHOOSE a conveyancer/solicitor

A conveyancer or solicitor can significantly impact the success of a property sale. When purchasing a property, selecting the right solicitor is crucial. Instead of opting for the cheapest option, prioritize finding a high-quality solicitor who can advocate for your best interests, provide accurate legal advice, explain contracts, and work efficiently.
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Make an offer

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Prior to making an offer, research property prices in the local area, including surrounding roads and recent sold prices. There is plenty of information available online. It is also a good idea to seek a second opinion from a friend, someone who knows more about properties, or a different estate agent regarding the price before making an offer When making an offer, it is important for the buyer to gather more information about the seller and their status. Understand the chain process. Is the seller looking to purchase another property? If so, this is a chain, and are there other chains involved

Look for a

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Search for the right property, don’t rush, take you time and look for the right property

Book a structural surveyor

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It is important for a buyer to conduct a structural survey from a RICS qualified surveyor.

Prepare for the
move in

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Plan your move in date in advance