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Will Harrow House Prices Fall In 2022?

By Naz Nizar 13 Aug 2021 Will Harrow house prices fall in 2022? As 1 in 9 Harrow homes are selling within a fortnight of coming to market, One of the most astounding things that has happened in the last 12 months was something that did not happen. Even after the country saw the deepest […]

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Will The Northwood Property Market Continue To Boom?

By Naz Nizar 13 Aug 2021 Will the Northwood Property Market Continue to Boom? All the signs are that the Northwood housing market is sat on good foundations, yet one key hazard could still scupper the market. ‘UK Property Prices Rising at Record Levels’ is the headline of many newspapers. In the last few weeks, […]

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32.7% Of Harrow Landlords Could Be Fined £5,000 Each With New Energy Regs

By Naz Nizar 17 Aug 2021 32.7% of Harrow Landlords Could Be Fined £5,000 Each with New Energy Regs … whilst possible new mortgage rules for Harrow homeowners would make it harder to sell their draughty old properties As the UK has committed to a legally binding target to be carbon neutral by 2050, one […]

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How Eco-Friendly Are Northwood Homes?

By Naz Nizar 17 Aug 2021 And how new Gov’t rules will mean draughty low-eco Northwood homes will drop in value ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’, was the song that Kermit sang on Sesame Street. Yet now being green is a normal way of life for most of us. Walking or cycling places instead of […]

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Only 1 In 216 Harrow Properties Are Bungalows, Despite An Ageing Population. Why?

By Naz Nizar 17 Aug 2021 The bungalow is a building that has represented a more leisurely, gentler way of life since the early 1900’s. Bungalows have been sold as an aspiration for those about to retire, saving them the annoyance of having to climb stairs. With an ageing population, one would think they would […]

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Why Savvy Harrow Buy-To-Let Landlords Dont Use 10 Year Mortgages

By Naz Nizar 25 Aug 2021 Why Savvy Harrow Buy-to-Let Landlords Don’t Use 10-Year Mortgages And the reason you shouldn’t either I know of many Harrow buy-to-let landlords who fell into property investing by accident. Many didn’t want to sell their family home when the Harrow housing market crashed in the Credit Crunch of 2009/10, yet […]

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Why Does It Still Take 132 Days To Buy A Property In Harrow?

By Naz Nizar 29 Apr 2023 As an experienced Harrow estate agent, I have seen many Harrow homeowners frustrated by how long it takes to buy and sell their property and complete the sale. In this article, I will explain why buying and selling a home in Harrow takes so long and how you can […]

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Harrow’s Millennials To Inherit £607,515 Each From Their Baby Boomer Parents

By Naz Nizar 29 Apr 2023 Harrow’s Millennials to Inherit £607,515 Each From Their Baby Boomer Parents The total value of homes owned by Baby Boomers in Harrow alone is £10,757,993,155 – and two-thirds of the Harrow Millennials are set to inherit all that in the next few decades! Could this be the answer to […]

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Harrow First-Time Buyers Keeping Our Local Property Market Afloat

By Naz Nizar 30 Apr 2023 The Harrow housing market is relativity buoyant, thanks to an unexpected group of people – Harrow first-time buyers. Many Harrow tenants are annoyed with competing for Harrow rental properties at high rents. Therefore, over the last 12 months, many renters have been stretching their finances to get on the […]